1. Since Bitcoin cannot be found at your local bank, it requires a Bitcoin crypto currency wallet. So you become your own bank.
Go & Buy Your Bitcoin Wallet.

2. Link Your Wallet To Your Crypto Visa card to spend

3. As the Bitcoin farm continually generates revenue, your profits may flow right into your bank

4. As Profits are realized, have them sent to your Crypto-Visa for spending.
This is definitely a new world of money.

Receive A Free BitCoin Source Wallet, Compliments of SourceMo USA, after speaking to one of our consultants (800) 421-4976

All Unitholders receive a free complimentary BitCoin Source wallet to start their personal Bank.
You may transfer crypto currency from your bank directly to your VISA so you can use it.

If you receive distributions “Dividends”, the word “distribution” has several meanings in the financial world,
most of them pertaining to the payment of assets from a fund account or individual security to an investor
or beneficiary. Retirement account distributions are among the most common and are required after the
account holder reaches a certain age. A distribution also refers to a company’s or a mutual fund’s payment
of stock, cash, and other payouts to its shareholders. Distributions come from several different
financial products. However, whatever the source, the distribution payment usually goes directly
to the beneficiary, either electronically or by check.

Never have a credit card payment again & never pay interest!
That changes the history of the credit card as we know it.
Visa offers 7000 crypto consulting agents in dozens of countries as crypto currency goes more mainstream.

Bitcoin Trends

Some things in history happen only once.
It is our job as businessmen to recognize trends.
Learn from others who get there 1st.
Then seize the moment, so it's never lost.
Opportunities knock everywhere in America today.
I hope you hear the knock and open the door.
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History is in the making.

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